Creating something is my passion and I am all over the map about it. I am not afraid to tackle any kind of medium, I love learning something new and exploring new ideas.

Mixing mediums in an art project is my most favorite thing to do as it can add a whole new dimension to the creation. Adding nature to an art piece, say a piece of wood I found at the beach gives the piece of art more depth and adds more uniqueness to it.

I enjoy doing custom work for people, if you have a picture of something and you want it made into a piece of art to display in your home or office, I am up for the task. I have done this several times for people and find it very rewarding.

I can also create a special occasion card for you if you like and you can have it printed with more copies if you choose too.

That hard to buy for person that seems to have everything, well maybe not as you cannot by a custom made piece of art made especially for them at a store or on Amazon. BUT I could create it?

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Every year I create cards for special occasions, Christmas for sure but many others as well.

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