First time home buyers-Get your Credit in order!

Get your credit in order.

Start by pulling your free credit report from both Equifax and Trans Union.

Pay your bills on time. If you have a large Visa bill when you get that mortgage chances are that the lender will have you pay it off as one of their stipulations.

This is a surprise to most people.

Having a car payment, you will be less likely to get a mortgage, so pay it off.

There are 5 key areas that lenders will consider to fund a mortgage that coincide with having a steady job.

  1. Location of the property and its condition

  2. Your credit history - must be good standing for the last 6months.

  3. Your assets and liabilities.

  4. Equity and a down payment of 5%

  5. Plus your income requirement, all of these are a must to qualify.

A good mortgage broker will be able to convey to you what you can do to improve your credit rating.

Credit has never been more important than it is now; credit history determines the rate you get and the length of the term - plus the type of mortgage.

Whatever you do, do not go out and go shopping before you get your mortgage. This means NOT before you sign the papers at the lawyers, that’s when you actually take on that mortgage payment.

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